Web Development Heidelberg

Isn't it amazing, all the good opportunities in internet, for advertisement or to build up your business comfortably? But the hype about the web2.0, which can bind a lot of customers to your site, flows slowly to an end and has become usual. You should participate now!

Feel free to browse my site,
and have a look over Heidelberg in the bird eyes view on my Virtual map.
Try my online Puzzle or my online Sudoku. (2 Examples of client-side-scripting.) And if you like to find out your Chinese-horoscope,
or if you are a webmaster and like to have a quick and easy way
to check a website`s value. (2 Examples of server-side-scripting.)

If you need help to validate your website, while using flash or other embedded stuff, see here how I solve this. I usually attach importance to create valid websites.

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